Sunday, February 22, 2009

ilya - used to be

anthem song of me and my also become the anthem song of our break up. ntl, i still love this song not because the memoir it has but the meaning of this song. i can't get many information about the singer, ilya. so if u guys know anything bout him, share it with me. okey?

since the link won't work, i uploaded the mv here. enjoy it k...


I can't seem to get a piece of mind
Cuz its running through my mind all the time
I cant really help it
This is so confusing yeah
I cant understand it
No no

Do you remember when we promised each other to stay forever in love
Hey you stepped on the promise you did the ugliest thing I could think of yeah
Tell me how could I let it go

You used to be my everything
I used to be your only king
We used to be inseparable
We couldn't spend the nights away
You used to be my melody
You used to mean the world to me
You didn't even say that you were sorry sorry

I cant seem to get you out of my head
Cus the echoes is left from the pain u said
Feeling kinda helpless
Nobody to talk to no
Shit is really endless
Yea yea

Situations gone bad
And you're the one that's mad
How come; im the one that ripped you apart
Cant believe that you would try to push this to the side
How come im the one that ripped you apart


  1. huhu~~
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